I can't hear you


He's trying to tell me a story about work as I'm rinsing dishes one room away. "I can't hear you" I yell, more frustration in my voice than is fair.

I'm calling for him to come help get Alice out of the tub but Charlie has the TV blaring down the hall. "I can't hear you" he yells with annoyance and fatigue coming through loud and clear.

He is tying Charlie’s soccer cleats and filling water bottles for the soccer game. Putting pig tails in Alice’s hair before school. Bringing me a coffee in bed because I’ve been on airplanes for weeks and would love just 5 more minutes to stay warm under my blankets. Leaving early for work but remembering to bring the trash cans to the street. He is a song of redemption and strength. 

I see you, I say. I see all of you and all that you do and all that you are. Quietly but over and over. I hope you can hear me.