Sam Smith and my love of Spotify

I don't have hip or relevant taste in music. Let me begin with that. But I like what I like. 

Right now I'm liking, no LOVING, Sam Smith. "Like I Can" is my current favorite. If you haven't heard him yet, please take a listen - 

This is also a good time for me to hype up Spotify. I have previously used Pandora and I Heart Radio but Spotify hit a sweet spot for me of variety, discovery of new music and social sharing. I have discovered new music at a much faster pace through this site/app than I had with previous streaming sites. (No, I don't pay for the Premium version of Spotify. I did briefly but wasn't getting enough use of the offline feature to justify the $7.99 a month.) 

Have you tried Spotify? Or are you a Pandora loyalist? Please share your streaming music sites/apps with me . . . this nerd just can't get enough.