Michigan Summer 2014

I have two homes. Not that I have two houses that I must care for and pay for but two homes that have my heart. 

California and Michigan. 

My roots are in Michigan but my branches and growth are in California. Every summer, I'm fortunate enough to vacation for an extended time in the land of my roots. 

These photos look idyllic, I realize this. Please know that there was an immense amount of time chasing a busy (sometimes naughty) 2 year old, digging through suitcases, missing my California home, and just sitting with exhaustion. But overwhelmingly there was wine on a paddle board in Campbell Lake, swinging with the kids on the property of my in-laws, laughing with both of my sisters, watching my brothers be amazing uncles, playing with my niece and nephew, and soaking up the love between grandparents and grandchildren. 

Looking forward to a snowy winter visit.