young and old alike

It's been one week since my 14 year old niece and her friend left my home. I've had just enough time to gather my thoughts on spending one week with two teenage girls. 

There's nothing like teenagers to make you feel old. 

We went to downtown Hollywood to see the handprints in the cement at Grauman's Chinese Theater. They were searching and searching for someone fresh, maybe a Selena Gomez or Iggy Azaela. I found Samuel L. Jackson's handprints and excitedly called the girls over. "Look, look! Sam Jackson!" They both looked at me, puzzled. Finally Kayle said "Who's Sam Jackson?"

I overheard a conversation between the two of them discussing a woman who was 40. She was categorized as old. I am 37. 

Neither of them use email for a primary or even secondary mode of communication. Everything is done via SnapChat (I included a link for those of you, like me, who have no idea what the hell that is), Instagram or Kik (again, another link.) 


There's nothing like teenagers to remind you to be young. 

These girls take care of themselves. They devote energy to their hair, make-up, clothing choices, skincare. It didn't take an exorbitant amount of energy, more of a ritual. This reminded me to take the time for me, because if I make it a priority, I will find the time. 

Kayle and Makayla play. I witnessed laughing, running, handstand contests in the pool, goofy photos of each other with their phones. I don't really play anymore and that was just the kick in the pants I needed to do it. 

They own it. They are clear on their likes and dislikes and will simply and politely explain why they want or don't want something. No waffling, no "I'm not sure if this is what I'm supposed to eat/wear/do." Ironically, years of experience should make owning it easier for me but it has done the opposite. I question my instincts often and the girls reminded me that there's no need for the questioning. Just wear the sparkly blue tank top and move on with your life. 

I'm grateful that these two beautiful creatures stayed with me for a week this summer and reminded me of my glorious age and the confidence that needs to accompany it.