what's going on: kids edition

Charlie, 5 years old | April 4 2014

Status Report: 50 pounds, 45 inches tall, up to date on vaccinations as of yesterday in preparation for kindergarten. Looks like a 6 or 7 year old to me. Eats a lot of food. Greek yogurt mostly but really he'll have seconds of anything. 

Enjoying: the movie Frozen. On repeat. His annual preschool trike-a-thon. Charlie usually does very well in terms of number of laps but this year he was focused on his ninja costume. The ninja costume covered his face which slowed him down. 11 laps and pleased as punch with his theme. 

Annoying: whining. It's as if he can't ask for a glass of juice in a normal or upbeat tone. It has to be in this make-your-ears-bleed sort of whiney way. It's just a phase, I'm sure. 

Saying: Observations. "That car looks like Daddy's car but the wheels are a little different. His shirt is tucked into his pants. That bird keeps landing on that planter. I have boogers in my nose." Observant little kid, that Charlie. 

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Alice Linda, 2 years, 5 months old | April 4 2014

Status Report: Getting herself dressed. Still not potty trained. Haven't even attempted it because I'm lazy and she's my baby and I don't want to talk about it. 

Enjoying: sidewalk chalk (inside the house, too.) My make-up brushes. The movie Frozen, especially the Let It Go song. 

Annoying: Alice doesn't want to eat. She'll take a bite of this and that but otherwise, nothing. Our babysitter said she will eat beans, that's it. Not sure what this is about - Charlie didn't go through this phase so it's new to us. 

Saying: "Al-us do ut". Translated to "Alice do it." She wants to do everything herself and tells us on the daily. On the hourly. 

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March Life_03012014.JPG