Etsy. Spelled "e-t-s-y".

A new week, a new digital love of mine that I want to share with you: Etsy. I always have to spell it out for people when I'm bossing them around and telling them to use it. "e-t-s-y. Just type it in and go. You'll love it, I promise." Standard script. It's a site that allows small business owners who make handmade items to sell online. That's basically the gist of it. 

Sharing some more happy this hump day, here are some of my favorite Etsy shops. 

MyWayMomma (who also happens to be my friend and neighbor). She can sew anything but focuses on children's apparel. Check her out. Makes great baby shower and special birthday gifts. 

HeartfishPress makes prints in fun colors and sayings. I want all of them. Pair them with a cheap Ikea frame and you're all set. 


ClassicByNature makes pillows. Fancy and whimsical pillows. They are a little out of my price range but I like to browse them for inspiration. Example: this badass water tower pillow. I want this on my couch. 

Truly Sanctuary designs graphic tees for kids and adults. I love this sunshine tee for Chazzy but they also have a killer Bill Murray tee that I've been eyeing up for Chazzy. And Rich. And my brothers. 



Henriettes ART for modern paintings. So pretty. So yellow. So fun. 



I didn't forget about our dog, Cook, either. I've ordered from the Cool Puppy before and recommended this company to my boss. If you are a fur mama or papa, check out this site. I'm talking to you, Misty!