what's going on: kids edition

I’m trying a new method to keep the family, and me, updated on the kids’ milestones. Let’s give this a whirl.

Charlie, 5 years old | March 3 2014

Status Report: 46 inches tall (I only know this because Ama and Papa Phee measured him this past week when they were visiting our home.) Wearing a size boys 6, shoe size 12 toddler. He weighs enough to hurt my back when I pick him up.

Enjoying: his “mans” (little superhero figurines), especially the ones that Ama keeps in her purse for restaurants, fixing things with Papa, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (creamy pb, strawberry jelly only thankyouverymuch.)

Annoying: bedtime. This kid hates bedtime and shnookers his way out to the living room 8 times a night to ask us to turn down the TV or [fill in the blank]. He ends up sleeping on our floor most nights because Rich and I are struggling with strong discipline at bedtime.

Saying: Charlie has become the counselor and nurturer in our home. If anyone is upset or doesn’t feel good, he rubs their back and talks you through it. “It’s going to be ok. You’ll feel better. Would you like water or an ice pack?” When my in-laws left and Alice was confused the next morning, he held her hand and explained that they flew on an airplane back to Mi-tch-ni-gan and we would see them soon. She said “ok” and he helped her climb out.

Alice Linda, 2 years old | March 3 2014

Status Report: ? inches tall (I’ll have to check her medical records.) She just graduated from a size 2T to 3T. Her shoe size is pushing from a 7 to 7-1/2. Alice’s hair keeps lightening up but the curls remain.

Enjoying: her babies. Alice loves to play with her baby dolls, to pretend to change their diapers, put different clothes on them (we only have 2 outfits), and push them in their stroller. She also enjoys being outside. She would rather be outside than inside, hands down.

Annoying: See “saying” below.

Saying: Alice has started talking in small sentences, mostly questions. Her most frequent question is “what doing?” Except she asks about 6 – 7 times in a row. While tugging on your pant leg. Followed by more questions. If she’s tired it’s whining. The good news is if she’s happy and energetic she literally uses her new little voice to sing and say “I happy” which melts this cold, cold heart of mine.