put a pin on it

Rich and I had this conversation last night that mostly consisted of listening to Pharrell's new song Happy. Have you listened yet? If not,


. You're welcome. The conversation stuck with me this morning.

There are things I do, things I read, look at, listen to, watch, consume that make me happy. Some that make me sad (but that's a different post entirely.) This is my blog and I can share if I want to. I'm going to start with my favorite source of happy these days outside of my 3 favorite Phees: Pinterest.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Pinterest, it is primarily used by women, highly addictive, aspirational and visual. Works best with a smart phone or tablet. Did I mention addictive? The concept is you have a virtual pinboard to post online


to so you can return later to retrieve it. Retrieve can mean cook, make, purchase, read, look at, wear, etc. Signing up is free, you are NOT required to have a Facebook account and browsing other folks' Pinterest pages does not require you to have an account at all.

I have an obscene volume of pins in my collection that you are welcome to

view here

. My username is marciphee, extremely complicated and original. My most popular boards, to me, are recipes (that Rich mostly cooks or I make on the weekends), clothing, home goods and organization/cleaning.

I also have boards for kids' activities (aptly named "keeping the ankle biters entertained"), inspirational quotes, career planning, etc. Essentially every role of my life is covered in Pinterest. Many friends and family are also on Pinterest and for those I know well, their Pinterest boards seem to reflect their character and lifestyles accurately. Because of this, I find Pinterest to be a fascinating snapshot into other people's lives. I'm 



These are some of my most recent pins that make me happy -


Great Lakes t-shirt

. Because it needs to be on my body asap.

TOMS shoes for Rich

. I'll make him look at them some night when we're on the couch watching TV. I'll shove my phone in his face and say "look, look, do you like?". If the answer is yes, I click to order.

I follow

JC Penney's official Pinterest board

. I'm old school like that. They just posted

these striped throw blankets

that are well priced and look like some of the more expensive alternatives from West Elm or Pottery Barn. I'm not in the market for these right now but eventually when we re-do our living room, I might want one for our new dark grey sectional couch that I'm dreaming of.

Do you remember

Spirograph as a kid

? I do. I want my kids to play with it so now it's pinned. That means maybe someday I'll order it from Amazon.  

I saw this and wanted to post for two reasons. 1. It's pretty. I try to only post items that are visually appealing to me because I want my Pinterest board to be purdy. 2. It was all about

modern baking and making donuts with cake mix

and I don't bake but my sister-in-law Robin does and OMG she must have this pin. (

Robin and I are Pinterest lovers

. We communicate in the language of pins. She pinned this to her board after I pinned it.)

I will slowly introduce more happy to this blog. Because life is short and hey, did you see those sparkly donuts above? I mean, c'mon?!