2014: listen

Last year I joined the One Little Word movement. (See my post from last year here. And if interested, just search #onelittleword for other people's intentions for the year.) Last year, my word was "less". Overall, it was a success. I ate less. I fought less. I cried less. I was sick less. I bought less. I slept less. I suffered less. I opened up my life for more.

This year, my One Little Word is listen.

Listen to my body, my health will be better for it.

Listen to my husband. Really listen to him, not sort of listen as I get the kids dressed or scroll through photos on my phone.

Listen to my children. Really listen to them, not sort of listen to them as I clean the kitchen or put away laundry.

Listen to my friends and family, not ignore the call or text.

Listen to the birds and the noises outside, not the drone of the TV inside the house.

Listen to that little voice that tells me to stop, to be quiet, to rest, to go, to say yes, to take a risk, to say no. It is always, always right.

Here's to a new year full of joyful sounds and peaceful quiet.