I am good

If my Mom had been worried about me and my life after she was gone, the past 6 years would have assured her that I am good. Supported. Loved. Surrounded by people, especially amazing women, who lift me up every day. 

This day of the year is always the hardest and always the best reminder of how lucky I am in this world. 


one little word

Every year I choose one little word #OLW to focus on. It helps me prioritize my goals for the coming months by consistently aligning what I'm doing with my word. If they don't align, I shouldn't be doing it. 

My word for 2015 is effort. 

Should I be putting my efforts toward ______? Am I putting enough effort and commitment into _______? Without effort, I'm just spinning my wheels and wasting time. 

Some quotes that I will be posting up around my house this year - 

I'm ready to push, to commit, to WORK. Bring on 2015. 

2014 in review

Like every year, 2014 was filled with all sorts of good and bad. That's life, right? I remember saying "2014 is going to be my year." And it was. The good and bad, all mine. 


We traveled to Michigan and Chicago, Rich started a new career, Charlie started kindergarten, Alice started preschool, I was laid off, some groomer shaved all Cook's hair off her, a billion things broke in our house, Rich and I fought, Rich and I loved, I grew a friendship that means so much to me, I colored my hair a horrible purple red. We learned to start new things and end other things. Hours and moments of laughing and dancing and cooking and cleaning and driving and filled all the gaps. 

2015 is going to be my year, I just know it. 

Elf on the Shelf

I know this topic is a little controversial this time of year but I'm going to dive in. 

Elf on the Shelf. 

I've read articles, posts, comments, etc that it is a pain in the ass, sets unrealistic expectations for parents and kids alike and my personal favorite: the game of this teaches our children to live in a "watched" state, desensitizing them to being spied on. 

There are many, many things I don't do right as a parent. That is worthy of a whole other post a whole other time. But making this time of year magical for my kids, I've got this. There will come a day that they will be stressed out over the holidays by saying yes to too many things/people/needs. I want them to remember the days when the holidays were fun. 

They will only be this little once. 

update: life edition

November was a month of change and family and warm weather and discovery and goodness. I want to slow this year down for so many reasons.